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Worship Resources For Graceful Subversives

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It was started by Methodist Minister, Dave Haseldine, while on sabbatical in 2015.

The religious and civil leaders of Jesus'day had a hard time from Jesus. He called them to give up their selfish attachment to their comfy positions in society. Instead, he called them to live so that everyone, especially the lost, the least, and the last, could have life in all its fullness (Matthew 25:34-36 and John 10:10). Sadly, most of them felt they had too much to lose. So they opposed Jesus, because he was too subversive for them. But instead of being vindictive, or bitter, Jesus never stopped being gracious, hopeful, forgiving, and faithfully challenging them to turn around and die to their self-centredness and follow him and his way. Instead they got rid of him.

Or tried to...

May you and I be subverted by the grace of Jesus. May these worship resources help that to happen to us, and help us to gracefully subvert our neighbours and culture so that day by day and more and more God's will is done on earth as it is in heaven! Amen!

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